Renovation and Maintenance of the Tarmacadam Driveway

You have just had your beautiful tarmacadam driveway built and now you need to maintain it by keeping it looking at its best. Unfortunately, a tarmacadam drive can get dirty really quickly. Driveways located in cities and urban areas can get a lot more dirt and grime and there will always be to have your drive professionally cleaned from time to time.

There are a number of tarmacadam coating products that you could use to clean and maintain your driveway. By far and away the most common complaint regarding tarmacadam drives is the spillage of oil and sump leak damage.

Fortunately, cars do tend to be made with a greater emphasis on quality these days. In the past, it seemed nearly every car had a leak from the oil tank. But there are still some issues with oil spillages on the surfaces of the modern tarmacadam driveway.

Before applying the pressure washer, you should treat the greasy surface with an oil removing solution. Oily substances like grease and gasoline can be treated with sand or sawdust. The sand should be washed away with a jet washer after a day or two and if the stain is still present, the action should be repeated.

Many owners of tarmacadam driveways have sworn by using weed killer and a viable option to remove unwanted stains. Anti-fungicide solutions are also a positive way to get rid of those spillages and leaks from the parked car. Moreover, the good thing about weed killers is that there will never be any way plants, grass or other weeds could begin to grow through any cracks or at the edge of your driveway.

Tarmacadam –  is a very good choice for the domestic driveway. It is strong, hardy, durable and likely to last you a very long time. But what precautions should you take during spells of hot weather?

Tarmac and Hot Weather

In countries like the UK, the heat never reaches the heights where a tarmacadam driveway can soften to the point of damage. That said, it is wise during very warm weather to distribute any loads evenly across the drive. Motorcyclists should not use a side stand in very hot weather as it can cause the metallic stand to slowly sink into the drive. This ultimately causes damage to the motorcycle and the drive itself.


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